Weight Loss Through the Soul Mentorship | Spiritual Coach

Weight Loss Through the Soul Mentorship

Weight Loss Through The Soul Mentorship: A revolutionary approach to weight-loss
This Six months program includes:

  • ​Six months of group coaching
  • Online ​Course: 2 videos ​monthly
  • Live coaching calls: 2 calls monthly (Recordings are available)
  • ​Four Downloadable Meditations and Guided Relaxations 
  • Accountability Partner
  • Group support, meet other amazing, like-minded women who support each other ​
  • Facebook Support Group
  • 1 Live Event    *location to be disclosed*
  • ​Retreat - coming SOON! 

​​"I want to know more"

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​​The Mentorship is for you ​if you want to...

  • Lose weight with EASE
  • Free yourself from self-doubt
  • ​Live in harmony and acceptance with yourself and your body
  • Build ​ self-esteem and help you become ​independent, joyful and confident
  • Feel free from the life long struggle with yourself and weight loss 
  • ​Open up to have supportive relationships and friendships
  • ​Trust yourself
  • Reclaim control over your life!
  • Ready to be done with Anxiety and ​want to have inner peace!

Do those goals fit your needs and desires?

Let’s drill down and take a closer look.

My programs are specifically designed for you if you’ve ever experienced or are currently experiencing some or all of the following-

  • You gave up on yourself  in the past because you’ve always failed no matter how hard you tried
  • You gave up on unrealistic programs that promised quick,results
  • Weight Loss continues to mean a lot to you
  • You want to become more independent
  • You want to have healthy relationships
  • You’re want to learn to think positively about yourself 
  • You’re open to try something new
  • You’re ready to change your life for the benefits of health and freedom
  • You’re committed to yourself and your success

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