Eva’s Story | Stress Management & Weight Loss Coach

Eva’s Story

“Anybody who works with you will come out of the relationship empowered, enabled, confirmed and validated.  That is what you do and who you are.  You can’t help yourself!!  The lives you touch are changed forever.” ~Joyce F.

My Mission is to elevate you to your true potential. My goal is to work alongside you to insure that you’re healthier, stronger, more empowered, more confident, and much more ready, willing and able to live your life on Your Own Terms.

And those Terms must include-

  • Real Joy

  • Real Freedom

  • Real Fulfillment

My History

As a young girl growing up in Hungary during challenging times of rapid change and constant uncertainty, joy, freedom and fulfillment were always in very short supply.

I was raised in a very disciplined environment – although my parents did their very best to support us. In addition, like so many I was bullied as a small child and had to learn to live with the daily pain of that ugly brand of rejection.

At age 10 competitive tennis became a routine part of my young life. Yet despite all the countless hours I spent practicing I was never quite comfortable with myself. In fact, whenever I caught my reflection in the mirror, I ended up fighting back the tears. This was surely one direct result of the lack of love I felt, and the bullying I’d endured.

You see I was living my young life while both actively resenting and unconsciously rejecting my own body. This unconsciously set a destructive pattern that trapped me in cycle of self-hatred. As I grew into the “Adult” version of me, I then began to believe I didn’t deserve, love, happiness, success or a good relationship until I’d achieved my “weight goal” prescribed by the expectations of everyone. So I quickly entrapped myself in a downward spiral of doing everything in my power to constantly change my body in order to please others.

At the tender age of 31, I was still stuck in a personal spiral despite my outward physical achievements. With my physical drive to achieve however, which I’d retained from my tennis training, in 2009 I worked long and hard enough to become a Certified Personal Trainer,

Working as a Trainer, I realized something I’d never really considered before-

Many of my clients shared the same pain and frustration I felt!

  • I realized that far too many of us spend far too much of our time focused on our negatives-
  • Thinking negatively and obsessively about our food/diet
  • Tortuously working out yet always unsatisfied with our results
  • Constantly at odds and/or dissatisfied with our own bodies
  • And never, ever feeling like we’re quite good enough!
  • And so these negatives lead us to unhealthy ways of living.
  • We stay in unhealthy relationships/friendships or jobs that are unfulfilling (when we’re worthy of much more).
  • We choose unhealthy avenues to “take care of our bodies” (i.e. lose weight).
  • We unconsciously deprive ourselves of the real nourishment, health, and love we all deserve.
  • Then after emptying ourselves of healthy nourishment, we stuff ourselves up with unhealthy choices (food, sweets, alcohol, drugs, relationships) to fill the void.

Yet because we’re focused on these negatives, we rarely allow ourselves the positive fulfillment of long term, physical, mental satisfaction and healthy self-esteem. And as a result we spend too much of our time feeling disappointed, disconnected, ashamed and resentful.

I not only connected with these all-too-common issues, I also felt a strong sense of responsibility for my clients. 
But the reality was that while many of my clients reached their goals, too many still struggled, regardless of how much effort they put into it. I was forced to realize that the more traditional methods of “getting in shape”/”losing weight” simply did not work!
They didn’t work for far too many women, just as they hadn’t worked for me!

My Fitness Epiphany

Eight months after I started working as a Personal Trainer, I encountered another major life changing moment. And I never saw it coming. The years of inner struggle finally erupted when I ended up in the hospital with a paralyzing case of severe panic attack. Of course at the time I had no idea that my lifetime of intense training, deprivation diets, unbalanced lifestyle and constantly negative, unloving attitude towards myself had landed me there, or that I’d been living with near constant anxiety for years. But that hospital bed became my HUGE turning point!

Because quite suddenly I had no choice but to drastically change my life, change my entire approach to fitness, and finally to change myself.

I knew had to start making different decisions regarding fitness, and my life. So I stopped working at the gym and started instead to train others as an independent trainer, with more freedom to work with my clients in ways that I believed in.

At the beginning the journey was anything and everything but easy.
I had to break away from a lifetime of old techniques and tricks, as well as the established expectations of the industry, to do something I’d never done before-

Start listening to myself!

At first it was a very lonely, scary experience, but it was also liberating.

I started to really, fully understand my choices and really understand who I was as I slowly came to understand my own power. It took me years of trial and error, study, seminars, workshops, coaches, mentors and finally letting go of old dysfunctional friendships and relationships (which included my divorce). I was learning to accept, love and embrace myself and turning my life around. I began to fully understand that all my life I’d treated my body exactly the way I treated myself; exactly the way I had let myself be treated in relationships, jobs, friendships and every other part of my existence. My negative conflicts with myself had erupted in every single part of my life.
The way I had abused myself was the way I’d let others abuse me.

Through this journey I learned to let go of the person I was NOT (including the weight), in order to become the person I AM!

And the person I am is meant to be happy, graceful, independent and empowered.

As an immediate bonus, I discovered that I quickly stopped thinking about food all day every day, or what I thought I needed to do to fit in.

Now I have a strong sense of comfort and ease in my life. Of course I still eat healthy and train, but not to lose weight, because I know proper training is what I need to-


  • Feel good
  • Be strong
  • Be healthy
  • Be Vital and Free
  • My life is now much more focused on achieving inner joy, rather than accomplishing some outer culturally determined goal just to prove to myself that I can.
  • My journey ultimately made me understand how important my mission was, and remains.

And I knew that wanting to get in shape is not about being in shape.


Becoming fit and healthy is truly about-

  • Knowing and Embracing Who We Are
  • Knowing and Embracing What We Need
  • Knowing and Embracing What We Want
  • And Learning to Accept Every Single Part of Ourselves.
  • And that includes those parts of ourselves that we’ve been consciously neglecting or unconsciously resenting.

That negative sum of neglect and resentment is the exact reason why we have so often struggle with our physical weight as well as the reason we continue to court conflicts in our lives.

And any goal of losing weight must be a healing journey.

My goal is to help you NOT to make the same mistakes I made in my past, and NOT to waste your time, effort and money or waste your emotional, physical and mental health needlessly abusing yourself. I want to help you live life on Your Terms- Independent yet connected, disciplined yet content, and free from unnecessary struggle.

Can you imagine Living life with a reliable sense of physical, emotional and mental freedom?

Can you imagine feeling happy about who you are and every single part of you, including your one and only body?

My Mission is to guide you to live with self-respect, validation, acceptance and eventually, real love for not only others, but yourself as well! This is a true sense of freedom, inner peace, and fulfillment that we all deserve, whether we currently realize it or not.

So after years of suffering and the healing work that freed me from my own struggles, I am now creating healthy Private Consulting/Training Programs and viable online courses (Weight Loss Through The Soul; Self Care Courses) workouts (Elevate -Class) to share my success with other women, like me…and like you. Becoming happy, healthy, loving and embracing yourself and your body is always possible no matter where we are in our life!

If I could do it, You can too!

“You believe in people and you teach people to believe in themselves.” ~Lucy K.