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Self Care Movement

Learn about Self Care

Are you learning about self care? Are you someone who is new to it?

If you are  beginning a Self Care Journey, you might be feeling a bit overwhelmed thinking that you need to add one more thing to the list of things you do daily.

Be easy on yourself. Start with taking a couple of minutes a day to turn your attention on yourself. Spend some time alone, pay attention to your thoughts and your feelings. If you feel inspired, writing can help you release some internal pressure too. Taking deep breaths will help to lower your anxiety. You could also listen to some music that relaxes your mind.

As you become more relaxed and more aware of yourself and your needs, it will be easier to make the necessary changes in your life.


If you are not the part of the Self Care Community Yet, come and join the movement! Reach out, share your story, I am here to support you on your journey! @avakyte@devotedtomysoul.com