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Eva’s Story


​"Anybody who works with you will come out of the relationship empowered, enabled, confirmed and validated.  That is what you do and who you are.  You can't help yourself!!  The lives you touch are changed forever." ~Joyce F.

My mission is to guide you to achieve your weight-loss goals with ease, while gaining ​confidence, becoming  empowered, learning to love and embrace your body ​from the first ​moment you start working with me ​and help you reclaim control over your life ​& body! 

​My Story 

After being a competitive athlete, being obsessed with my body and ​losing weight since I was a teenager, it is not surprising that I became a fitness trainer in 2009. I worked hard in the gym and followed strict diets. But no matter ​what I did, I ​kept ​struggling with my weight, and I could never live up to the expectations people had around me since I was a ​little girl. 

​I blamed myself and my body- So I worked even harder!

At the same time, had many other challenges​. I was stressed and overwhelmed, my marriage was falling apart. I took ​care of everything and everyone else. I did not have much downtime and did not sleep enough. I also did not have ​a lot of support. I was resentful, frustrated and anxious. ​​​Periodically, I broke down from all this pressure and to release some ​of it, ​I turned to wine. ​But drinking was not the only thing I used to ease my pain. I hurt and sabotaged myself with a lot of other​ choices I made daily, including ​the exercise routines and the diets I followed.

I showed up for everybody and everything ​except myself

This battle​ landed me in the hospital in 2009. I was terrified. My body and nervous system could not handle the amount of stress I put on ​myself. 

​​I started searching for answers, not only for me personally, but my clients too. I wanted to understand what keeps most women from losing weight no matter how hard they try.

 I wanted to understand how could so many of us push so hard to achieve a goal, without noticing that we are hurting ourselves?  

  • How could we think that intense workouts, deprivation diets or a constant state of self-control and restrictions are the way to become healthy? 
  • Do food/wine or any other type of addictions​ have anything to do with giving ourselves up and trying to cover up all the pain ​that comes with?  
  • Is it possible to be healthy with self-judgment ​and ​without being happy?

At the same time, I also paid close attention to my clients. I realized that some of my clients struggled like me. BUT some of them lost weight with ease. I noticed recurring patterns in both groups.  After many years of searching, investing tens of thousands of dollars, countless books, self-help seminars, mentors, healers, great amount of time spent in meditation, self-reflection, journaling…etc, I found some shocking answers. I learned, that the reason why I did not lose the weight wasn't because I did not work hard enough. And...

...finally, I could stop blaming myself!

I started applying my new found knowledge on myself first, later with my clients. My clients began to approach fitness, dieting and weight-loss from an entirely new perspective. Their transformation was mind-blowing. They stopped struggling with themselves and their bodies. 

They got a huge weight lifted off of them not only physically but emotionally & mentally too! 

Here is how my life changed when I changed my approach

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    ​​​I stopped ​dieting and exercising obsessively ​without gaining weight
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    I can take care of myself exactly how I care for others 
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    I​ surround myself with people who love and value me, believe in me & support me
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    ​I am open to receiving and asking for help! 
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    My life ​is not ​only about work or my responsibilities. I make time for my friends and hobbies. 
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    I ​believe and trust myself!  ​
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    I LOVE myself, my life and not last MY BODY
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    ​​I ​don't have social anxiety. I ​enjoy meeting new people  
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    ​I feel safe, at peace, happy and content
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    ​I ​do not feel alone anymore! 
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My biggest achievements of all: 

I don't settle for less than what I believe, I ​deserve!

​Sometimes, when I pause and look back, I have a hard time believing how much my life has changed. ​I am amazed and grateful today for having the courage to take this path! But, it was not easy to get here. It ​took me ​almost ten (10) years ​to understand ​what to change and make all the adjustments to get where I am today. On my journey, I did not have much support. And I did not know who or how to ask for help. I wasn't even sure if I was doing the right thing. I had to figure out everything one step at a time with trial and error and lots of conflicts ​along ​the path.

​Alone, it was ​really hard. At times, I wasn't sure if I would make it. But thankfully I did. And I am here to share ​ what I learned with you, so that YOU can transform your life and body with ​EASE, in much ​LESS ​TIME and with ​people along your side who ​SUPPORT you. I created...

...​ “Weight Loss Through the Soul” Mentorship, 

"Elevate ​Movement Therapy" and “Elevate Yourself” system to help YOU!

  • Are you ready to learn to love yourself and your body? ​
  • Are you willing to do what it takes to get there?
  • Do you want to be a part of a community of women who support you reaching your goals?

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