Post Holiday Reset Retreat | Spiritual Coach


Post Holiday Reset Retreat

 January 29th, 2017

Atmananda Yoga Studio

Hosted by: Jalpa Dhaduk, Ava Kyte

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What’s In It For You?

Learn how to set achievable goals that are customized for YOU.

How to set daily routines and habits to fit YOUR LIFESTYLE.

Education on foods to eat get results for YOUR SPECIFIC BLOOD TYPE. 

Learn how to stay on track and get the support you need.

A toolbox of tips and methods to get back on track if you falter. (Because life happens)

A nourishing lunch


With all the fun filled food and excitement of the holidays – life can also be simply draining. Even superwoman needs some R&R! With finishing end of the year work responsibilities, shopping for the holidays, traveling, and catching up with friend and family – you may have forgotten to take care of yourself. Often times, the first person we neglect in trying to achieve the life we want, is the most important factor in it all – YOU!

If you are feeling bloated and fatigued, we want to help you not only get back on track, but to stay on track the whole year to get the lasting results you want!

The wild chatter of resolutions has surely been gearing you up for the new year. Have you thought about what you want the next year to look like – personally and professionally? Do you want to start eating cleaner and get in shape so you can have the vibrant energy not just to keep up with life, but truly be present with all the action?

Dieting is SO 1999. And it doesn’t work!!

You deserve a fresh start. Dive into 2017 with us. Spend a day restoring, connecting with beautiful women just like you, and learning how to fulfill your desires this year via self care.

  • Wouldn’t it be nice to know how to meal prep for the week so you lose the weight effortlessly and easily?
  • How nice would it feel to enjoy the occasional cupcake – without the guilt and no go flying off handle rest of the day because you “messed up?”
  • Balance exists ladies! And it doesn’t have to be such a struggle.
  • Learn easy mindfulness and meditation techniques that will bring down your cortisol levels – so your body can release the excess weight with ease.

Remember, your approach to self care affects EVERY aspect of your life. When you feel empowered and in control, you approach life’s challenges with grace and confidence.

What would your life look like if you approached life’s blessings and obstacles with grace and confidence?

What glass ceilings can you break with a self care regimen that fits into your lifestyle?

​ALL of these services and 1:1 coaching separately add up to over $550! But we REALLY want you to succeed and we want to you to help us support our mission in spreading health and wellness in this world without the pain and confusion!!

Retreat Price: $133

Early Bird Special $111 (Ends January 15th)

Join us for this rare and beautiful experience to connect deeply with yourself and with like minded individuals. Remember, you are the company to you keep and the best way to reach your goals and be consistent is to be surrounded by people who support and understand you.


Jalpa Dhaduk: Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Occupational Therapist

Jalpa teaches clients how to eat according to their individual blood and body type. She believes we are all created uniquely, therefore we have different needs. She will be teaching a hands on cooking demonstration, how to meal prep to save time and money, and how setting up a sensible routine can help you get the results you desire.

Ava Kyte- Yoga Instructor, Personal Trainer

Learn how to set a strong foundation for self care and weight loss via mindset shift from Ava. She believes a mindset shift makes every goal achievable faster and easier. She has taught hundreds of clients over the past 10 years how to achieve their goals through self love and acceptance.


10:00 – 10:30 Introduction and centering meditation

10:30 – 11:15 Make change easier and shift your belief systems to serve you on your weight loss journey. (Ava)

​11:15 – 11:30 Stretch Break

11:30 – 12:30 Why diets don’t work and why healthy habits and routines do. (Jalpa)

12:35 – 1:00 Cooking Demo (Jalpa)

1:00 – 1:45 Lunch Break (Lunch provided)

1:45 – 2:20 How an intense exercise routine can stop you from losing weight. Tips on scheduling workout-outs to serve your goals and needs. (Ava)

2:20 – 2:50 Diving Deeper: Eat for your blood type. Meal prep like a pro. (Jalpa)

2:50 – 4:00 Connection with mind, body workout with relaxation (Ava)