Private Training & Coaching | Stress Management & Weight Loss Coach

Private Training & Coaching

My Private Training and Consultation programs are specifically designed to help women like You, get in the shape you desire with direction, motivation and visible results.

*Private Training is limited to women who commit to working with me for the minimum of 6 months BUT preferably a year to achieve sustainable and maintainable life long changes.*

Full Transformation Program is also carefully crafted to-

  • Free you from self-doubt
  • Guide you to live in harmony and acceptance with yourself and your body
  • Help you to shape up with EASE, focusing on balance and health
  • Build real self-esteem and help you become independent, joyful and confident
  • Free you from the life long struggle with yourself and your body.

Do those goals fit your needs and desires?

Let’s drill down and take a closer look.

My programs are specifically designed for you if you’ve ever experienced or are currently experiencing some or all of the following-

  • You gave up on yourself  in the past because you’ve always failed no matter how hard you tried
  • You gave up on unrealistic programs that promised quick, easy results
  • Weight Loss continues to mean a lot to you
  • You want to become more independent
  • You want to have healthy relationships
  • You’re want to learn to think positively about yourself 
  • You’re open to try something new
  • You’re ready to change your life for the benefits of health and freedom
  • You’re committed to yourself and your fitness success

If this is You…let’s get started! Schedule a Discovery Call with Eva.

Ava will be in touch with you when she receive the application to schedule the phone call.

Here’s an outline of your Ava Course choices moving forward.

All Private Training/ Consulting Packages Include-

  • One-on-One Training and Consultation
  • Specifically Designed Workout Plans
  • Unlimited text and email support
  • Support/Study Materials
  • Support Groups
  • Accountability (Ours & Yours)