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Private Training & Coaching

My Private Training and Consultation programs are specifically designed to help women to lose weight with the "Elevate Yourself System". 

*Private Training is limited to women who commit to working with me for the minimum of 6 months to achieve sustainable and maintainable life long changes.*

Full Transformation Program is also carefully crafted to-

  • Free you from self-doubt
  • End the fight, and guide you to live in harmony ​with yourself and your body
  • Help you to shape up with EASE
  • Build self-esteem and help you become independent, joyful and confident
  • Free you from the life long struggle with yourself and your body.

Do those goals fit your needs and desires?

Let’s drill down and take a closer look.

My programs are specifically designed for you if you’ve ever experienced or are currently experiencing some or all of the following-

  • ​You gave up on yourself  in the past because no matter how hard you tried to lose weight, nothing seemed to work long term 
  • You gave up on unrealistic programs that promised quick results
  • ​Even, after what you have been through, you did not give up on yourself
  • You want to be​ more independent and confident 
  • You want to have healthy, harmonious, supportive relationships
  • You’re want to learn to think positively about yourself 
  • You’re open to try something new
  • You’re ready to change your life for the benefits of your health and freedom
  • You’re committed to yourself and your fitness success

Private Training + Coaching Packages ​

  • One-on-One Training and Consultation
  • Specifically Designed Workout Plans
  • Elevate Movement Therapy- to reduce stress and anxiety
  • Unlimited text and email support
  • Supporting Materials: videos, downloadable guided meditations. 
  • Support Groups
  • Accountability ​

Over the phone or Online Consulting Package

  • One-on-One Consultation: tailored to your needs
  • Unlimited text and email support
  • Supporting Materials; videos, downloadable guided meditations and exercise recommendations.  
  • Support Group on Facebook 
  • Accountability​

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