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Prime Cycle

Ava has been part of the Prime Cycle family since September 2015. After Ava moved to Hoboken, New Jersey, she was looking for an opportunity to work as an instructor in a local studio. She not only missed teaching group classes, but she also wanted to participate in the community and to reach and inspire more people to lead a fit and healthy lifestyle. She LOVES teaching at Prime Cycle and feels honored to be a part of the team.

Her classes are called Mindful Cycle.

Her rides follow the Prime Method with her own spin on it. Besides challenging her riders, her main focus is to teach them to stay mindful and to connect to their bodies. In today’s world, we tend to disconnect from our bodies, senses, feelings, and needs. It’s time to live life on our own terms. Her belief is that the main focus to exercise is to strengthen our bodies and nervous systems so they’ll support us and help us to deal with any amount of stress we face in our day-to-day lives. Getting in shape is secondary, but it only happens with consistency, determination, and as a byproduct of all balanced and mindful training programs and lifestyles.

Ava’s schedule at Prime Cycle:

Tuesdays at 5:45 am

Fridays at 7am

To sign up, please visit Prime Cycle’s website.