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If you think you failed….then you did!

We all have times in our lives when we play it too safe. Whether we are talking about relationships, new opportunities, or a personal weight loss goal, sometimes we just are terrified of stepping out of our comfort zone, even if we know that by not doing so will come with great consequences. Unfortunately these consequences sometimes have to become life threatening, or at least extremely uncomfortable for us before we are willing to change. We are afraid of failing or getting hurt so we don’t even try, not realizing that by not trying is in fact the reason we end up failing or getting hurt. Even when we try, often we don’t try hard enough. We are not applying enough energy, focus, or taking enough action steps to succeed, while we fool ourselves saying: “.but….I have tried!”  In reality, we really did not!

If we really want to break through this limitation we must redirect our focus and learn to use fear to our advantage.

First of all, stop using the word “Failure”.  We only fail when we label ourselves with “not succeeding” or when we stop trying. The way I see it: every “failure” is a lesson learned.

Here is what Thomas Edison said: “I am not discouraged because every wrong attempt discarded is a step forward.”

Using the right vocabulary can change our whole life experience.Instead of saying you failed, say: “I have learned another way that did not work!”
Then ask yourself: “What have I learned from this, and what should I do different? Gain from every defeat and move on as quickly as possible.

My other tip is that from time to time you should check in with your goal. Reevaluate if it is still important for you. We change every day, our life changes every day, and our goals should change with us. Don’t waste your energy on something that is not important to you anymore. Here is how I check if the goal is still significant enough: I imagine my final moments on this planet – if I would regret not following through on a goal, I will know I must keep trying until I succeed

Tip # 3: What ever you do, don’t do it to make someone else happy. For example: don’t try to lose weight for your hubby or wife, or because you want to fit in. Find a personal motivation. When you achieve a goal for someone else, you will still feel empty inside!

Don’t forget to celebrate your little victories as well as the big ones!

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