“Elevate” Movement Therapy | Stress Management & Weight Loss Coach

“Elevate” Movement Therapy

Elevate Movement Therapy is for the 21st Century High Achiever Women

I created my Elevate Full Body Workout for busy women like you when I realized the biggest challenges and hardships that comes with our hectic lifestyles.

Most of us spend the majority of our day sedentary (sitting), yet are under a great amount of stress from our overloaded schedules, and so most of us don’t have sufficient time to recharge our batteries.

We usually have minimal time to take care of ourselves and so too many of us are chronically exhausted, sleep deprived and stressed out.

The stress and tension you experience daily burrows deep inside your body, and then ends up erupting as a tension headache, lower back pain, neck pain or a feeling of muscular heaviness/stiffness all over your body. But this stress actually affects you much more negatively than just as a source of physical discomfort. It also creates or contributes to most illnesses, hormonal problems, weight gain, mental tension, emotional problems, anxiety, and so on.

The Elevate Movement Therapy effectively helps to gently release stress and tension, while reinforcing your body’s strength, and making you more aware and connected to yourself, your needs and feelings!

Understanding your physique through this workout will give you a great amount of self-confidence, as well as the knowledge to know exactly what to do when you feel stressed and tense. Elevate Movement Therapy involves elements of core strength training, corrective exercises and yoga philosophy combined to maximize your overall mind/body workout, while minimizing physical/mental stress and tension.

The Elevate Class will help you increase your core strength and improve your balance and stability as you break the bonds of stress and tension.

And you will recharge through the guided relaxation at the end of every class, where you can and will finally fully release and surrender to the experience of the new you.

Elevate Class has a always gentle, graceful and balanced approach to fitness and well-being, and it was created for women only

(although we welcome men to its benefits as well).