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“Elevate” Movement Therapy

Elevate Movement Therapy for Weight-Loss and to Release Stress

The stress and tension you experience daily burrows deep inside your body, and then ends up erupting as a tension headache, lower back pain, neck pain or a feeling of muscular heaviness/stiffness all over your body. 

But this stress actually affects you much more negatively than just as a source of physical discomfort. It also creates or contributes to most illnesses, hormonal problems, weight gain, mental tension, emotional problems, anxiety, and so on. Stress is our biggest roadblock when we want to lose weight.

The Elevate Movement Therapy effectively helps to gently release stress and tension, while helping getting you stronger and leaner. It also honors the healing power of the human body.

Elevate Class has a gentle, graceful and balanced approach to fitness and was ​crafted specifically to ​support our sensitive female bodies.

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