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Elevate- Full Body Workout with Relaxation

Ava created “Elevate”- full body workout with relaxation- to help clients connect to themselves and their bodies, correct bad posture, release tension and stress, and relax. Life seems to move faster, and we’re feeling more overwhelmed. While it’s great to challenge the body with tough workouts, sometimes we just want to slow down a bit and get a little more connected to ourselves while still being active.

She designed this class to do just that.

Ava developed this class by mixing her fitness knowledge, corrective exercise specialty and yoga experience to create a well-blended class that’s still physically challenging but helps the participants to find balance, open up and let go of any built-up tension.

The class closes with a 5 to 10 minute-long relaxation period. Please wear comfortable clothes. Also, we do the class barefoot.

If you would like to know more about what inspired me to create Elevate Full Body Workout READ MY BLOG OR WATCH THE VIDEO.

This is a great full body workout for people who are new to working out or who would like to supplement and balance their workout routines with some mindfulness and posture work and relaxation.

Location: Hugs and Bugs Club

Classes are starting on April 11th.

Schedule for the Class:

Mondays at 6: 30 m at Hugs and Bugs Club (533 Willow Ave, Hoboken NJ)

Tuesdays at 8pm at Hugs and Bugs Club (533 Willow Ave, Hoboken NJ)


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