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Do you feel stuck?

“The mind is everything. What you think you become.”—Buddha

I have heard the phrase “what you think you become” many times before. Intellectually, I always got it, but it’s very different to really own it and be one with it.

At a holiday party last year, I met a life coach who I became friends with instantly. After a couple of minutes talking to him, he told me I have a gift and that I was keeping this gift wrapped inside of me, not showing it to the world.

Instead of brushing off his comment, which most of us would do, including me, I took his words to heart. I knew I was holding back a lot of myself from the world. I knew there were parts of me I was afraid to show.

I couldn’t get away from what he said. I’ve kept it in my mind and my heart ever since that first conversation. It was really a significant shift in my life.

I asked myself: What if I woke up every morning saying to myself, “I HAVE A GIFT!” “I have a gift!” How would I behave every day? What’s the impact I could make in people’s lives, not just my clients, but also the friends and strangers that cross my path.

That thought made me think outside of the box and realize how deeply rooted my beliefs were about myself. In that second, it just hit me. No matter how much I focused on improving myself and growing, there was a part of me that still needed to shift, because I was still living in my past. I moved to the U.S. when I was 21 years old to make a difference in my life, but I got stuck in the old life I brought with me.

“I have a gift!” means that I am more than my past or more than I ever thought of myself. It means I’m unlimited just like my possibilities. I show up every day and every moment of this life just as I am, my true, unique self, and I live life on my terms using that gift every moment. When I say I have a gift, and I approve of myself as I am, I’m filled with self love, which I can spread to the world. It also means I will take challenges with grace, and I will surmount them; I will make them serve me.

It opened my mind in a way that I realized I am more than I think I am. I’m not telling you I started thinking what a special person I was. Wouldn’t that be our first reaction thinking when someone tells us we have a gift? But I stopped identifying myself with my past when I was bullied or put down, when I was told and taught no matter how hard I tried I wasn’t good enough. As a reaction to my past, I tried so hard to change that I broke down in the process. I couldn’t keep up. I was unhappy, tired, and full of resentment and anger. I had to learn to leave the past in the past. I had to open myself to new attitudes, new feelings.

Now, when I wake up telling myself I have a gift, I have so much hope. I just go with the flow, and I know nothing can stop me. I cherish every obstacle, every lesson. I trust myself; I trust my strength! I trust no matter what. I know I will pull through!

Now I ask you, what’s your gift? Who can you become if you stepped outside your story? What if you stopped putting limits on yourself, and you knew you could become anything you could imagine?

Can you see yourself with unlimited possibilities? Who are you when you’re not limiting yourself with your history and you open yourself up to the unknown, when you expand your vision.

Who could you become if you fully believed in yourself and saw yourself succeeding before it really happens? How determined would you be? Who could stop you? Can you unstick yourself?

We all have a gift we are born with. We all are special! Cherish your gift and show your uniqueness to the world!

~Live Consciously,