Are you taking care of your inner child? | Stress Management & Weight Loss Coach

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Are you taking care of your inner child?

As children we dream.  We dream of growing older, and we fantasize about how we will live our lives and of all the things we’ll do when we don’t have to ask permission from mom and dad. We see opportunities that we don’t even clearly understand.

I remember being a child and  having a feeling of positive anticipation.

But what happens when we get older? We forget about our dreams. We live our lives to go to work- most of us are lucky if we like what we do. We pay our bills, we take care of all of our responsibilities, our families, if we have them. WE live life the way society, or our environment expects us to live. We copy what we see around us.   We get really excited when the weekend comes around and we don’t have to work. The most fun we have is when we take our vacation time, and we are lucky if we can go away.
By the time we have the ability to do what we please, we don’t dream anymore and have forgotten our true desires.

We forget who we really are, we get side tracked and the only thing we know  how to do is to try to live up to all the expectations of our environment. Most of the time unsuccessfully.  We feel empty, frustrated, angry and confused. We don’t realize that disconnecting from ourselves is the issue. We blame the world, politicians, the economy, our bosses, our partners or kids. We blame our circumstances.

But aren’t we the ones creating our circumstances? Our life is what we create of it. I get it – some of us have had an easier start, a more fulfilling childhood, better opportunities then others.

If we look deep down though, we all start from the same place. We’ve all been children who had dreams, desires and hopes that we would conquer the world.

Do you remember yourself when you were a child? Do you remember the hope you felt? The positive anticipation? The feeling of endless possibilities?  What were your dreams and desires?

Do you live your life today the way you imagined it? Are you scared  to even think about it?

I am not talking about having the job you dreamed of, or the money in your bank account, or the house – but are you living life fully expressed? Are you free in your soul? Are you living a self-approved life, filling yourself up from within? Or are you expecting the people around you/your job/your money to do it for you?
Why do you think there are so many different addictions in this world? Alcohol, drugs, food, sex?
Why are there so many overweight, unhealthy, depressed people in this world?
Why there is so much pain?
What if you lived your life today taking care of that little child you were? How would you live?

Maybe you did not get that much love and harmony growing up, but are you giving yourself today what you lacked back then?
Did you give yourself a chance to live life fully loving yourself? Taking care of yourself? Letting yourself be a human being without judgment?
How much love would you give that little child? How would you nourish yourself? How would you take care of your body? Your thoughts? How would you pamper yourself? How could you take care of your inner child?

Do you think you would live a different life than you do today?
What would you change if you thought this way? How would your world change? How would you feel?

Please share your thoughts with me!