Are you sure you don’t have the time to…? | Stress Management & Weight Loss Coach

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Are you sure you don’t have the time to…?

“I don’t have time to……”- is just the worst excuse there is.

Still, that is one of the most common story I hear from people when they try to justify why they are not training.

And what exactly don’t you have time for? Taking care of yourself, becoming healthier, feeling more confident and sexy, getting more comfortable in your own body, being proud of yourself or not feeling pain (lower/upper back, muscle tension) anymore from the effects of sedentary lifestyle?

Think again!  Do you still feel like you don’t have the time for training?

Let me give you  5 steps that will help you to ditch this issue forever.

(1.) Set a goal, then (2) you have to have a clear picture of why is it so significant for you to achieve it. How is it going to effect your life? You have to find motivation that is so strong and is so compelling that not living up to it will simply not be an option.  Let’s see: if you are not healthy, you won’t be a great partner, parent, friend, lover.  For sure you won’t have energy or even much passion for life. When unhealthy, you also can’t work efficiently.  This alone would get ME off my butt. – I hope it has the same effect on you too. If this is not good enough reason for you to start exercising dig deeper, and find what really gets you going!(3) Next step is to make a plan. When can you exercise?  what do you love doing? How can you work it out with your family-if this applies? How often are you going to exercise? For how long? Make a specific plan. Get people involved around you, ask them to support you or even do it with you. (4.) Take action. It is crucial to have a goal, get motivated, have a plan, but without TAKING ACTION it will mean Nothing, I repeat: if you are not taking action your goal, motivation, plan will lead to nowhere!, It is ZERO, USELESS, POINTLESS, DO I NEED TO SAY MORE? TAKE ACTION! (5.) Now, that you have taken action, there is an other step that is just as important than the other 4 prior. Be Consistent and be Flexible! I Don’t get discouraged if your plan did not play out 100%, keep trying until you reach your goal.  Always measure your results and change your angle if something is not working. Be patient, and never give up, learn from your mistakes, don’t ever get discouraged.

And while you are at it, do yourself a favor and have a great time!!!


If time is still an excuse for you, just take a look around you. I am sure you know someone- as I do too- who despite their super busy schedule, takes great pride in making sure to have a couple of hours a week to recharge with some physical activity. Let their example be your Inspiration!