Stress Management & Weight Loss Coach


As a competitive/ professional athlete, fitness has been a part of my life forever.

I started playing tennis when I was 10 years old.  Regardless of the fact that I was working out day and night I still had body image issues. I never felt fit or skinny enough. I lived most of my life logging this pain around which actually, even after my very active lifestyle, showed up as extra weight on me.

I trained harder and harder and monitored every single bite that went into my mouth- literally. I have restricted myself so much, that I had built up anxiety and I was very unhappy.  MY body was also breaking down from the intense training and lifestyle. I was in physical pain all the time.  I had a very bad relationship with food, and I ended up binging  when I could not deal with my extreme restrictions anymore. I was OBSESSED. I had low self-worth, and self-esteem, I never felt good enough or felt as if I deserved to be loved. It has affected every part of my life: my career, relationships, friendship, and lifestyle, all you can imagine.

Becoming a fitness coach was motivated by this pain. I was so unhappy I knew something had to change. I have tried so many different diets and training programs and even thought they were effective for a period,   it was impossible to get long term results by using pure discipline, which is what most of these routines are built on.  I felt that there was a gap in these programs, something was always missing. They were too restricted, too obsessive and had not much to do with the emotional blocks that got us where we are in the first place.  I was determined to find the path to end my suffering, and not just free myself forever from this struggle, but to help as many people I could to do the same. How can we continue living life feeling this way? All we have is the present moment, how could we waste that moment by feeling badly about ourselves? Not for an other second!

After researching, learning and experimenting with so many different things I finally found balance in my life. I found peace, health, energy and love. I feel energized when I wake up and truly look forward to each day. I no longer feel overwhelmed when facing new challenges, I welcome them with love, peace and curiosity of what I can learn. I have learned how to create ultimate internal bliss within myself and I am now pursuing my passion of helping everyone else feel the same. I have never felt happier and I am so grateful to be here, sharing my experience with you.

What did I change that gave me these incredible results? The answer is much more simple than you would think. First of all I realized that continuously trying to listen to other people’s advice, no matter how good intentioned at times, was simply not helping me to get where I wanted to be. I was so sick of not getting results, being overwhelmed by negative thoughts and not feeling energized. After I felt I have literally tried everything, I realized I had no choice but to begin searching within. It was really scary first, because not only did I have to face all my fears but I also had to learn how to trust my own ability to heal myself from within. I had to start trusting my intuition, listen to it and simply let it guide me on my journey. I began asking the right questions. Instead of letting negative emotions take control, I ask “why?”. What can I do not to feel this way? What have I done that made me feel this way? I began owning my life and owning my feelings. Owning my decisions, and owning all the consequences that come with it, good or bad.

I have created a balanced lifestyle, with the right amount of exercise and healthy eating. Back in the day, I used to exercise just to stay in shape, which was not fun at all. Today, I don’t do any activity without love, passion and openness.  Whatever I do makes me entirely happy because I stay in integrity with my true self and I take each life lesson as a blessing. I have learned to listen to my body regarding the food that goes in, and eat the things that make me energized. My motivation today is not that “I am not good enough”  but that “how I can be the best version of me”. I have learned how to handle stress and learned to recognize when I need to take a break, or when I am over doing something. I am not a super human and I am not living my life trying to aim for perfection” but I am aiming for awareness, and conscious decisions making.  And yes, I do make mistakes, but I don’t think of myself as a failure.  I look at them as lessons, learn from them, and I move on.

I decided to put a program together that isn’t about point by point instructions, but instead I guide everyone on a journey of self discovery. The Ultimate Internal Bliss program is a program where we dig deep so we are able to get rid of all the emotional blocks that are literally weighting us down. In this program you are getting to know yourself who you really are, what makes you happy, and feel good.  You fall in love with yourself over and over again. You finally find peace amongst all the challenges in your life. You get to a place where you find happiness,  balance, health.  A place where you make conscious decisions, and you are no longer controlled by your old believes or past experiences. I will take you to a place where life is nothing less then extraordinary.

It is time to become the LEADER in your life. Are you ready???


  • May 9th, 2013