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Are you feeling sick and tired of THE PRESSURE​ ​women ​have in our society, feeling like we need to ​CHANGE ​our ​BODIES to be ​LOVED and ​ACCEPTED?

​​Us, women can't help but believe the message ​we hear every day from the media that ​our value equals to how ​we look. ​So we try, to fit in, and live up to the expectation, doing what we suppose to do to get in shape. We try to FIX ourselves. After failed attempts to achieving long-term weight loss (following the wrong diets and workouts that are disconnected from our needs) ​we start believing that there is something wrong with us. 

We are not strong, tough, disciplined enough....we need to eat less, move more, train harder.

We believe we are lazy, we can't do it, we are not worthy...And slowly we stop believing in ourselves. ​And even more so, ​ try to prove our worth elsewhere, hoping that ​we will be noticed, loved and accepted.​  I have been there....(read more)

​We don't realize that every time we want to live up to other's expectations, we give ourselves and our power away.
Feeling this way ripples down to every part of our lives, affecting our relationships, career,  health, stripping us ​from being ​present and from joy!  
We feel anxious, exhausted from taking care of others, neglecting ourselves, not feeling seen or heard. We feel alone, disconnected and empty.

There is a way to break away from the expectations and break from what I call the "cycle of pain.". ​By claiming our right to be happy, recognizing our value regardless of what others think of us. 

Is it time to claim your worth, not because you do something for it, or achieved something, but because you are valuable, worthy as ​YOU ARE 

  • You don't need fixing! 
  • You don't need to change ​yourself! 
  • You don't need to lose weight! 

What ​you need is to learn how to embrace your body, health, needs, claim your desires and your right to be happy NOW! ​

Weight Loss Through the Soul is ​a healing and spiritual journey. On this path you to get to know yourself so you can see and understand your worth, embrace every single part of you, learn to take care of your body with love and grace ​so you can live life fully and wholly as you are. 

​Do you want to know how this approach can help you?
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​Here is a short story about me..

I spent most of my life battling my body, my self-image and myself. I tried to change ​every single part of me. Fighting ​myself landed me in the hospital, with friends who did not genuinely cared about me, unhealthy relationships, addictions and a stressful, unfulfilling life. After my breakdown, I went through an inner ​transformation. Only then, I was able to heal ​not only my body but my life too. Today I help my clients to do the same! I teach them how to love and embrace every single part of ​who they are, how to take care of themselves and their bodies, letting go of self sabotage, understanding and living by their needs and feelings, so they can ​have a fulfilling life, lose weight ​or just stop battling with their weight and bodies as a by product of being in alignment with themselves.  

​...This is a Facebook Live recording...I share what I found out ​on my healing journey ​about what was controlling my everyday choices, keep creating more pain in my life.  

​Come and Join Weight Loss Through The Soul Community for Women on Facebook for support. 

Ladies, it is time to live our lives on our terms and not let society or our past pains dictate ​our choices and who we should be! It is time we proudly own ourselves!  

  • Do you want to learn how to become more sensitive to your needs and feelings to support your health, well-being and wholeness? 
  • ​Are you ready to take your life to the next level and make your journey not about how you look but about how you feel? 
  • ​Are you ready to live your life fully on your own terms, breaking away from the expectations of society feeling good and happy no matter what others think? 

​If your answered "YES" to these questions, than you are at the right place! 

This is what "Weight Loss Through The Soul" Mentorship ​is about!

​Do you want to know how this approach can help you?
Schedule a 15 minute call to find out!

​My clients said the following after working with me:

"I have lost a very stubborn 6 pounds over two months...

...that's the result part. My soul has gone through transformation. Positivity, integrity and sense of myself is just a few changes. I connect with you, it's a mind-body-soul combination...There is no judgment and we grow organically! Thanks Eva for changing my life beautifully!"- Manisha Munhdra Beirwala. 

Founder & CEO​ www.thecorporatediwali.com Photo credit: rajsarma.com 

To protect clien'ts privacy, this is stockphoto

​"You gave me wings and now I can fly"

"Anybody who works with you will come out of the relationship empowered, enabled, confirmed and validated.  That is what you do and who you are.  You can’t help yourself!!  The lives you touch are changed forever.”-JF.

Protecting client's privacy. This image is a stockphoto

You believe in people and you teach people to believe in themselves.”-LK.

Protecting client's privacy. This image is a stockphoto

​I talk about how I transformed my life and went from rejecting every part of me, depending on others' validation, addictions and keep involving myself in abusive relationships and friendships to loving and embracing myself living in harmony and peace and surrounded myself with like-minded and heart-centered people in detail in my forthcoming book "Weight Loss Through The Soul." The book will be published ​in September 2018. If you want to stay in the loop, follow me on social media, or sign up for the newsletter.

Would you like to be interviewed for ​my book?
Your story could help other women like you...​your voice and story matters.

You ​can live the life you desire loving and embracing your body, freeing yourself from self judgment or ​trying to fit others expectations! 

Sometimes, when I pause and look back, I have a hard time believing how much my life has changed. I am amazed and grateful today for having the courage to take this path! But, it was not easy to get here. It took me almost ten (10) years to understand what to change and make all the adjustments to get where I am today. On my journey, I ​had very little support from the people around me. I relied on my inner guidance most of the time. And it was such a new experience​ to me, that I wasn't even sure if I was doing the right thing. I had to figure out everything, one step at a time with trial and error and lots of conflicts along the ​way.

Alone, it was hard. But thankfully I made it! And I am here to share what I learned, so that YOU can transform your life and body with LOVE, in much LESS TIME and with people along your side who SUPPORT you. I created...

If you want to know more about one on one or group coaching​ schedule a 15 minute call to discover how this approach can help you. 

Weight Loss Through the Soul” Mentorship, 

"Elevate Movement Therapy" 

and “Honor Yourself” system to Guide you on your self discovery!

Free Resources: 

Have you ever felt the need to lose weight over night and that you would do anything possible, ​pay loads of money or do something that could hurt you in the long run to achieve this goal? 

You are not alone.. In this video, I share how I helped one of my friends understand what was driving her on a subconscious level when she ​had a great urge to change​ herself and would have given $10000 to someone to lose 10 pounds overnight.

I host Konnect & Elevate Podcast with my friend Racquel Walters, who is a Career and Relationship Coach. On the podcast, we talk about all things related to women in the 21st century. Follow us on Social Media. The podcast is available on ITunes, GooglePlay and SoundCloud.

Are you ready to leave your past behind and create a new life with experiences you might have never experienced? Are you ready to let yourself go into the unknown feeling free? Are you ready to be lead by faith not by what you already know? Than Take a "Trip" with me on this guided mediation that talks to you the deepest part of you! 

I created Weight Loss Through the Soul Community for Women Facebook Group to support and inspire you on your journey.  Come and join the group! I am the organizer of Weight Loss Through the Soul New York and Weight Loss Through The Soul NJ meetups.  Join a community of like-minded individuals with similar goals and challenges.