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How did the diets and exercise programs you tried before make you feel?

How would it change your life, body, health if you stopped neglecting yourself?

How would it change your relationships and career if you believed you mattered, you were worthy and lovable?

Most women spend their entire lives in conflict with themselves and their bodies.

→ They believe they require a “fix” to be accepted, such as losing weight

→ They follow diets and workouts that don’t produce the expected results and don’t make them feel good

→ They stay in dysfunctional relationships

→ And remain at a workplace where they don’t feel valued and appreciated

They blame themselves for all of their hardships, instead of understanding that their negative experiences are the result of being out of sync with oneself.

Are you one of those women?

I used to be one of them (read more). There came a time when I had no choice but to be REAL with myself. That was the moment when my life finally changed!

I transformed the way I approached my workouts, diet, body, and life. I freed myself from societal expectations, the expectations of the fitness industry, stopped people pleasing, started listening to myself and living life on my own terms.


As a result, something magical happened…

…The more I listened to myself the more I was heard.
…The more I respected myself, the more I was appreciated.
…The more I valued myself, the more I was valued.

I found inner peace, had more time and energy to take care of myself. I didn’t need to obsess anymore about exercising, dieting and my weight to stay in shape.

Today, with my private and group Soul Coaching programs, I guide women to step into their truth and realign every part of their lives with their needs, feelings and desires. Women who work with me become self-confident and self-validated, develop supportive and mutually loving relationships, learn to take care of their bodies with love, have more energy, free time, inner peace, joy, and not last THEY LOVE WHO THEY ARE!


“When you listen to yourself, you can reach and understand the deepest parts of you and your body.
Understanding gives you power and frees you from your struggles!“- Eva Nagy

Weight Loss Through The Soul is Available on Amazon

``Weight Loss Through The Soul- Embrace Your Body & Authentic Self`` is available on Amazon!

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I have lost a very stubborn 6 pounds over two months and that's the result part. My soul has gone through transformation. Positivity, integrity and sense of myself is just a few changes. I connect with you, it's a mind-body-soul combination...There is no judgment and we grow organically! Thanks Eva for changing my life beautifully! (Photo credit:

Manisha Munhdra Beirwala

Founder & CEO​
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Anybody who works with you will come out of the relationship empowered, enabled, confirmed and validated. That is what you do and who you are. You can't help yourself!! The lives you touch are changed forever.

Joyce F


You believe in people and you teach people to believe in themselves. Protecting client's privacy. This image is a stockphoto

Lucy K.


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Embrace Your Body & Soul

The first episode of ``Embrace Your Body and Soul Podcast`` is coming by the end of March (2019). Topics will be about spirituality, relationships, authenticity, wellness, and fulfillment! I will also be interviewing women who live an authentic life, to inspire others on their journey. If you are one of those women and would like to be my guest, send me a note and let's chat. Look forward to connecting with you all!

Leave the Past Behind & Enter the World of Unlimited Possibilities

Are you ready to LEAVE your past, go into the unknown and reclaim your power to be happy and free? Are you ready for change? Take Your Soul on a Trip on this guided meditation to anchor your new reality into your energetic body.

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